Puppy Management

Preliminary development of the confidence through socialization with other dogs and people. To achieve proper learning potential for future training through playful early teaching with non-force method. To train the dog off leasecontrol, patience and basic guidance, enrollment in conjunction with other programmes.

Basic Obedience

To achieve a proper solid foundation of learning, to further the confidence building, and to subdue the feelings of unsureness. To set up a behavioral management programme for the home environment 5 teaching on lease obedience, heel, left and right turns. Circle and figure of eight, automatic sit, down, stay at a place, come when called, Accepting/ Refusal food on command, Shake hand, right & Left.


After completing the basic obedience training, We will train your dog to obey off lease, in this phase the dog will be go through to perform exercise from a distance like walking with out lease, Including left and right turns, about turn, circle and figure of eight, halthing, sit and stay down and stay sleep and stay play dead when handler is out of sight. Recall from stay position to comefore, sit and go to heel position speak and being quite on command. Retrrieving with Ball / Wooden dumbell, carrying objects. Jumping over a board. Exercise by signals/ silent commands

Personal / Family Protection

Positive enforcenemt of protecting through which the dog as deemed necessary will protect to the degree of biting. Teaching off-lease to attack on command and to release on command. Pre-requisite is security Alert.
We at SYRO K-9 Have various training programme to suit your specific need regardless of protecting your Business / farm houses / Industrial areas.
OUR MASTER PROTECTION training programme provides training to your dog to protect with out command if the owner is being attacked.

Security Alert / Night Patrolling

This phase consists deterrent type training which gives the dog a stronger aggressive ability in the area of protection the has to go under confidence building course and to work in various situation enhances perimeter soundness and understanding to bark when necessary at intruders teaching the dog to be alert and out on command to show aggression towards a potential threat. Pre-requistite is obedience. The dog willbe train to protect your House / Business premises or factory at night.

Correctional Training

A common problem we heard about from lot of dog lovers that their dogs not behave well at home or when they are out in order to over come this problem.
We offer BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION which will cover tolerate training corrective training including ridding a dog’s bad habits or any psychological problems.

Show Training

Showing dogs, or “conformation” is a popular and enjoyable activity for many dog owners. It gives you a chance to build a stronger bond with your dog, and also to show off your canine friend to an adoring public. But, before your dog can trot to success, you need to train it for the stage so it can steal the show. This will be easiest if you begin when your dog is still a puppy. Most people think that a dog is “conformation trained” if it walks on a leash and doesn’t sit or bite the judge. Professionals know that training a dog for the Specials ring is, in fact, as complicated as training a dog for Utility. The more a dog knows about how to do his job in the ring, the closer he is to that elusive “Ch” title.

Agility Trail

Since its creation in the late 1970s. Agility fever has swept through dog lovers across the united States and around the world. Virtually every recognized breed and many mixed breeds are completing in this sport and earning titles. In India Agility trial was introduced none other than our Master trainer SURESH SHERAWAT in 1991, when returned from Australia after graduating in Master trainer course.

Agility is a competitive sport designed to test a person’s training and dog handling skill over a timed obstacle course. Competitors race against the time to direct their dogs through tunnels, over an A frame. Across a dog walk and through a line of weave poles, in short, agility is a very exciting event for participants and spectators alike.

It is important to note at very beginning that agility has the potential to be much more than just another hobby. Once you fall in love with the sport, you join a large community of dog lovers who are passionate about this complex game. The challenge of the game is to complete all the obstacles correctly within an established course time. And the dog’s job is to complete each of the obstacles as fast as he can.

The Agility trial training is provided at our training centre in group classes as well as private classes

Training for Films

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Establishing Dog Squad

He has gain expertise in establishing various type of dog squad on turn key basis. we work each and every corner of the project including Designing of kennels building as per client’s requirements, selecting of highly pedigreed champion blood line pups. training of dog handlers and kennels helpers. trained them in kennels managements. we have established numbers of SALUKI HUNTING DOG SQUADS for the Saudi Royals, some of them are Sheikh Abdul Mohsin Al a Sheikh, HRH Khalid bin Sultan bi Abdul Azziz and HE Sheikh Khaled Al Tuwaijiri. (Spacial Adviser to His Majesty KING ABDULLAH of Saudi Arabia )

we have also established a DOG KENNELS of 80 dogs for the Crown Prince of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. where we trained dogs for hunting, security and protection work.

we have also established a Security Dog Squad of 25 dogs for a Leading company SYRIAMICA to protect and guard the company compound in Aleppo, Syria.

we have established number of dog squads around the globe in more than 10 countries.

Detector Dogs

Drug Detection

we trained our dogs to detect Marijuana,cocaine and heroin and any other substance on request. When a dog locate drugs, it will signal his handler with a passive alert on ‘find’- an unassisted sit position.

when training narcotics dogs,informally known as sniffer dogs. we never allow them physically contact with the drugs, the dogs are trained only to detect the scent of the drugs.

we build each dog’s confidence with positive reward based training using entirely non-force method. this ensure our narcotics dogs are always confident and eager in unfamiliar surroundings.

To hone the detection skill of both the dog and the drug dog handler,training is provided for search in many realistic environments,including :

  • Buildings : A drug dog learns to perform narcotic searches in structures varying in size and complexity while working through a number of distractions.
  • Vehicles : the dogs are thought to search through a variety of vehicle types from small cars to large trucks to simulate realistic stops and vehicular drug searches.
  • Luggage : Narcotics dogs receive extensive training by searching luggage and locker to detect narcotics

Explosive Detection

In this phase of training, each dog learns to detect the unique scent of different explosive materials. By the end of their training, bomb detector dogs are able to detect different combinationof explosive materials – in trace samples and in bulk samples.

  • As passive alert dogs, our bomb detector dogs learn to signal the presence of anything suspicious by assuming an unassisted ‘sit’ position near a suspected explosive device.
  • During our explosive detection training, We painstakingly recreate the scenarios and situation bomb are likely to encounter when they go to work for real.
  • A bomb detector dog will confidently work in airports, Public facilities, Ports of call, Military campuses, Shopping centers and combat zones.
  • Our explosive detection dogs are prepared for the job, and have been successfully put to the test throughout the nation and across the globe.