No pets will be accepted unless up-to-date vaccination certificates are produced upon arrival for each one of them.


  • Paying before and after – All known fees, such as boarding, flea and tick protection, etc. must be paid in full upon arrival. All unknown or unanticipated fees, such as vet bills or extended stays must be paid in full prior to departure. Any over-payments will be refunded in full upon departure or credited to your account for use at a later date, which ever you prefer.
  • We shall need your Credit Card number – We require you to show us a valid credit card when you bring in your pet for boarding, regardless of the actual method of payment you chose. The card number will be recorded in our personal records and if you decide to use our services again in the future, we will always need to refer to our records to confirm that we still have valid information.
  • If your pet is not collected by the end of the boarding period; additional boarding charges will be applicable as per the rates and rooms available.
  • Payments other than the Pre-Auth – Advance Deposit are not refundable in the event Pet Owners decide to cancel the boarding or reduce their pet’s boarding period. As an example if the agreement is to board a pet for 7 days and the owner decides to collect the pet after 2 days, Pet Hotel will not make any refund to the Pet Owner.


  • In Addition of the Boarding Amount, You will have to deposit an amount between minimum of Rs.2, 000/- to Rs.10, 000/- depending upon the number of days you book for boarding. However this amount is Refundable when the Check-out is done.


  • All pets must have up to date vaccinations in proof. Pet Owners shall produce their pet’s current or most recent Vaccination Certificate. That shall not be more than 12 months old from the date of boarding.
  • Owners must apply a tick & flea treatment before checking in their pet, to ensure that the pet is free of external parasites. Otherwise we will apply this treatment and charge the cost to owners.
  • CRITTERATI reserves the right to cancel any booking if the Pet owner fails to produce the pet’s most recent Vaccination Certificate.


  • To request a booking please complete the Registration Form along with other relevant details provided by Critterati staff.
  • Your booking is only confirmed once the mandatory trails along with registration form and all relevant details have been received.
  • Full payment In advance needs to be paid before check-in time. Failure to do so Critterati reserves the rights to cancel your booking without notice.
  • Any extension to the original booking dates made during my pet’s stay will be charged at the cost of the next available suite. If there is no space for my pet to stay at Critterati, then it is my responsibility to make alternative arrangements for my pet.


  • Prices are different in Peak Season and different in Non- Peak Season.
  • If you require accommodation during Peak Season, it is advisable to book early.
  • Prices are all inclusive.


  • The Critterati Pet Hotel provides 24 hour care to your pets; however the standard operating hours are between 09:30am to 9.30pm Tuesday to Sunday.


  • We operate 6 days a week, to provide the best care for your pets and convenience and customer service for you.
  • Standard daycare day is 9:30am – 09:30pm & Standard Boarding Stay is 2:00pm – 12:00pm the following day.


  • Please note that although we operate from 9:30am to 09:30pm, similar to human hotels! Some fees may apply for checking in early or checking out late from our standard timings.
  • Early Check-in in Daycare: – Rs 199/- for Half an Hour basis till 9:30am. Late Check-Out: – Rs 199/- for Half an Hour basis till 10pm.

Kindly note after 10pm, overnight charges are applicable (price varies based on type of daycare day u have taken – hourly basis, 8 hours, extended stay, package or membership).

  • Early Check-in in Boarding: – Daycare Policies Charges applies till 2pm. Late Check-Out: – Daycare Policies Charges applies till 10pm.


  • Critterati will not refund my amount (apart from advance amount) if I pick my pet before the scheduled date.
  • For example if you book your pet to stay for 7 days and decide to collect your pet after 2 days, only the advance Deposit will be refunded.


  • In the event you decide to cancel your pet’s boarding period, all payments are non-refundable.
  • For Annual Members & Package Members – The booking fee is adjustable with the expiry of 30 days if cancellations are made 10 days prior arrival check-in date during Peak Season and 6 days prior in non-peak season.


  • The Hygiene of your pet is important to us, Critterati will do the complete check before boarding your pet and hence Bathing is Compulsory at owner Expense. Critterati will not accept Dirty pet into boarding and reserves rights to cancel the boarding without any notice with non-refundable of booking amount.
  • If the Early check-in is done, however we will update you regarding the check-up once we have staff on board as per their shift timing and if we find your pet dirty or ill, we will treat your pet without notice at owner’s expense.


  • The pick-up facility is subject to and strictly conditional on the Pet Owner’s acceptance.
  • Payment of all charges to be paid in advance to Critterati.
  • That Critterati Pet Hotel shall not in any way whatsoever be liable for any loss to the Pet Owner for any injury or death of the pet if there is any accident during the course of transporting the pet from the pickup point designated by the Pet Owner to Pet Hotel or in the course of carrying out and performing the pick-up facility.
  • Pet Owner acknowledges that insurance cover can be affected for the pet for the pick-up facility and that Pet Owner agrees to bear all risk for loss or death of the pet for the pick-up facility.



  • By using our services, owners verify their dogs are up to date with DHPPI, CORONA, RABIES & KENNEL COUGH for dogs and FELIGAN/BIOTEL PCHR for Proof of Vaccination shall be provided to CRITTERATI on request as well as current Veterinarian information.


  • DHPPI (7/9 in 1): ………………………………………. ANTI RABIES:…………………………………
  • CORONA VIRUS:…………………………………………..   KENNEL COUGH:……………………………


  • Grooming procedures can sometimes be stressful, especially for a senior dog or dog with health problems, and can expose hidden medical problems or aggravate a current one during or after the groom. In the best interest of your pet this contract/agreement will give CRITTERATI permission to obtain immediate Veterinary treatment for your pet should it be deemed necessary by us.  We will do our best to contact you first, then take the necessary steps your pet It is agreed that all expenses for Veterinary care will be covered by the pet’s owner.


  • CRITTERATI strives to be a flea/tick-free salon station. If your dog has a flea or tick infestation we will ask to consult our veterinary for an advice on the best treatment at that situation. Dogs with a flea or tick infestation carry a risk of anaemia, infections, tapeworms and other health problems. A topical monthly flea preventative may be the most effective choice. Treating all pets in the family, as well as treating your home will help in keeping fleas and ticks under control for the long term. If fleas are found on your dog we will bathe your dog in a flea shampoo and have to treat the salon, this will incur a medicated charge on your grooming bill.  If ticks are found an additional charge will be added for their removal.


  • There is always the possibility an accident could occur. Grooming equipment is sharp, even though we use extreme caution and care in all situations. In most cases this can happen when a dog is wiggling or moving around. We make every effort to ensure your dog is groomed as safely as possible, but if your dog does not accept the process it can be dangerous to continue the groom.
  • Owner recognizes that there is risk of injury, illness or death in any environment associated with live animals.


We take photos of each dog before during and after the groom, which we keep on file to assist us in future grooms. We may use some photos in advertising our service and/or post to our social media sites.


  • Owners MUST inform us if your dog bites, has bitten or is aggressive to people, other pets or specific grooming procedures.
  • I reserve the right to refuse or stop services of your dog at any time before or during the grooming process and charge an Aggressive Dog Fee of Rs 499/- addition to the regular grooming charge. If your dog should bite our staff or any other person the owner agrees to be responsible for it and all related medical bills, recovery costs, and loss of income and equipment damage.
  • We groom each dog to the owner’s specifications, as far as the dog will tolerate and the coat condition and type allows. We will always place a dog’s welfare, safety and peace of mind above adherence to a particular style. In case of being unable for any reason to groom to the exact style wished by the owner, we will endeavour the owner and agree upon a suitable alternative style.
  • Our groomers work extremely hard, and care for each dog as if they were their own. Any abusive language or behaviour towards our staff or other visitors to the salon will not be tolerated.

MATTED HAIR POLICY:   Matted Dogs will be charged extra because of the following:

  • Matted coats can cause a variety of skin & health problems. Matted fur does not allow for air circulation to the skin, causing hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks, maggots and other parasites may be lurking in the coat causing further skin infections. Matted fur also pulls and binds, causing pain to your pet when they move or lay on mats. The skin underneath is usually raw and inflamed. Matted coats will not dry properly and can lead to rotting fur and skin.
  • Due to matting, your dog’s hair may need to be shaved extremely short to the skin and may show signs of skin irritations and sores due to matting, wet undercoat and dirty coat. In order to take care of a dog that has not been groomed often enough, and is matted, the required grooming sessions may be long, stressful, or painful (please note, more than 1 grooming session may be required if your dog is severely matted).
  • It is the goal of CRITTERATI to make your pet’s grooming experience as stress free as possible. Due to the condition of your dog, we work to de-mat/brush out the dog’s coat, but only when it would not cause excessive pain and suffering to attempt to do so.
  • There is a strong chance that your pet’s skin will become irritated during the clipping process. We will use a medicated shampoo to help sooth any irritation that may occur. The matted hair rests tightly against the skin – the only way of removing mats is to use a short blade to clip between the skin and mats. Your dog may be nicked and cut because the groomer has to work so closely to the skin to remove the matted coat. Our groomers are very careful, but the possibility of injury exists. Understanding these risks, CRITTERATI is authorized to proceed with the dematting process.
  • The pet owner releases CRITTERATI from any liability associated with the above mentioned process and any and all medical problems that may be uncovered and/or occur during the stripping and de-matting process. Should any dog need veterinarian care after or during the process, the owner agrees to pay any and all veterinarian fees.


  • Critterati understand that your buddy (dog) gets and look dirty very often, by playing and going out for a walk but Critterati also understand that regular bathing is not good for their health and for their natural oil. Critterati reserves right to cancel the booking if your buddy just had bathing within 7 days. If in case you still want critterati to do the your dog bathing, we would require the undertaking from your on-going veterinary taking full responsibility of your buddies health and critterati, its owners and their staff will not be liable for any injury, illness or death of your buddy.


  • By using our services you agree to hold CRITTERATI it’s owners, employees and directors harmless from any damage, loss, or claim arising from any condition of the undersigned dog, either known or unknown to us. It is also further understood and agreed the terms of this agreement can change at any time, without notice, and will overwrite any and all prior signed contracts or releases. It is further understood this clause applies to any and all dogs groomed.


  • I, Pet Owner Mr/Mrs…………………………… of Pet…………………………….. Understand that the validity of this agreement stands for 12 months from the date of execution of it AND also understand that I am giving my consent to Critterati for 12 months on their Registration Forms, House Rules & Terms n Conditions.
  • I understand that if there are any changes in the pet profile, I will update Critterati and also execute a fresh agreement.
  • I, Pet Owner Mr/Mrs…………………………… of Pet…………………………….. understand that Critterati is a Pet Hotel and not an Pet/Animal hospital and take full responsibility of my pet………………………………………….for bringing him at critterati and using their service. In case anything happens to my pet with reference to his health. I take full responsibility of the occurrence and Critterati or its owner and its staff will not be liable for any legal procedure. SIGNATURE:……………………………………………


  • I, Pet Owner Mr/Mrs…………………………… of Pet…………………………….. grant Critterati Pet Hotel and its staff full power of decisions that concern to the care and well-being of my pet. If any medical emergency arises, it is agreed that Critterati or its selected agents can and will make needed decisions concerning medical treatment and choice of care given. My signature below authorizes the use of my credit card for said purpose.


In this Agreement (Include- Registration Forms, House Rules & Terms n Conditions):

  • Pet Owner means the pet’s/buddy’s owner whose name and signature appears at the bottom of this agreement & in all relevant forms.
  • Pet Hotel means Critterati – Pet Hotel, Gurgaon who is providing services for the pet at the Pet Owner’s request.
  • Buddy/Pet means the Dog or Cat brought by Pet Owner to Pet Hotel for their relevant service at critterati.

For the avoidance of doubt, in this Agreement, the singular shall include the plural.

  • SIGNATURE:-…………………………………………                                                                                             DATE:-……………………………………