Boarding Facility


There couldn’t be a more affectionate clientele than pets! That’s why for us at Critterati, gaining the trust of your beloved pet becomes even more rewarding. To achieve this, we handpick our staff that not only has a natural talent for communicating with pets, but can also keep the environment lively with their endless energy and compassion…

Day Care

Wonder why your bundles-of- joy have become naughty, chewing off your sofas, tearing off curtains and digging their face in the shoe-rack. Most pets lounge around the house and get bored doing nothing all day. Now they don’t need to anxiously wait all alone at home eagerly awaiting your return, they can instead make new friends, learn new skills…

Human Friendly Cafe

Home to curled-up kitties and jumpy poochies, Friends N’ Fur is India’s first “pets first” café which serves the fur buddies before humans. A one of its kind café, that warmly welcomes walk-ins as much as it entertains resident guests and their pet-parents. Its kitchen serves magic bites of muffins, tarts, pastries, cakes, cookies and magic potions of soups…

Pet Boutique


Cooped up inside the apartment all day long, we are sure that your furry companions like to go shopping just like you. A wide selection of products and an eclectic luxury collection of pet products with pronounced customer service await their arrival at Critterati’s exclusive retail shop. Luxury beds, luxe leashes and tags, stylish coats and collars…


FUR-FECT.  Is that how you define perfection for your little bundle of joy? If yes, then we at Critterati have a bunch of the best grooming experts who have developed the magic of pampering the paws, claws and give the life of your pet, a much needed pause. From pawdicure to massage and hair streaking to makeover, we are all pawsitive…

Pet Clinic


To limit disease transmission, disinfectants are used as a routine and dedicated food and water bowls provided for besides ensuring no diseases are carried into the building or spread through ventilation! Your pet’s health and wellness is of prime importance at this facility, therefore, a dedicated qualified veterinary staff is employed to facilitate the same…

Play Area


We realize that your little pet mates encounter outright euphoria in the midst of spaces which permit them to play, run and unwind in full vitality. This is precisely what we have come up with- a curated play region that gives them all the freedom they deserve on the contours of a street akin surrounding. We ensure that they have an inclination that they are outside notwithstanding when they are definitely not!



Envision your furry angel sitting back, relaxing, bouncing in joy and finding new companions. Isn’t the thought of it exciting enough? Make sure you turn this into a real time experience. Bring on your beloved pets to Critterati’s lounge, let them participate in playful activities or even watch something on the screen that intrigues them and bestow them with the gift of absolute bliss.

Birthday Parties


Who said birthday gatherings are only for pet guardians as it were? For us, the greatest bash is the one which has a place with your four-legged bundle of joy. We offer the ideal space and ambience for you to commend the birthday of your pet and experience your pet love.

Wedding Parties

There is no better sight to behold than seeing the two furry souls become one. We take it as our complete privilege in organising wedding parties for the paws in love. Specially curated menu and embellishments round the space to make the wedding couple feel in paradise will ensure every time that marriages made in heaven are flawlessly arranged on the earth.

Photo shoot


Click! Click! Click! We have got the pawparazzi beside the ramp to capture your pet with the best profiles. We offer photo shoot service for your canine and feline if you are the pet parent willing to introduce a four-legged showstopper. After all, we believe portfolios are great when they are brimming with fur and fun.


We believe that nothing can make someone happy the way pets can! To spread the grin, Critterati offers you to adopt pets who need a home and deserve to be embraced. We have teamed up with NGOs who take care of abandoned and street pets. Pets are available for adoption, so that they can get the affection and adoration they merit.

Pet Transportation


We understand what it takes to bestow your trust as a pet parent into someone who ensures care taking of your pet, especially when it’s about separating from your pet even for a short span of time.  We offer transportation services through our Critterati customised Tata Aria and take full onus of picking up your pet from the desired spot and taking them back to you, when it’s time to bid adieu with a promise of meeting again.