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Canine Training

Why training is important for your buddy?

Dog training plays a vital role in forming a strong emotional bond between buddy and owner. Not only it makes life easy for the owner but also encourages a fun-filled relationship between the two. A dog being a highly intelligent animal, loves to be occupied with activities. Dog training helps you to understand your dog in a better way.

The well-trained buddy is welcomed everywhere because the poochie knows how to behave appropriately with people and in different surroundings. It’s important for you to spend quality time with your buddy. So, take your buddy to your favorite outdoor destination, café. Hit the gym with your furry companion, participate in dog events and anything that you enjoy doing.

When should you start your buddy’s training?

The sooner the better! Training your dog doesn’t rely on the age factor. You should start getting your fur buddy trained as soon as you get him home. Some people disregard the importance of training their buddy and regret when they see the problem is taking place. So, beware and be aware of the all that your pet needs.

Why choose Critterati for training your buddy over other trainers?

We truly understand the need of our every tail-wagging friend. Using only positive reinforcement to training them and encouraging owner’s participation in training session makes us unique.

About Our Trainer: Suresh Sherawat, an Australian Qualified Global certified canine trainer from India.

Mr. Sherawat ensure quality training aids and also to upgrade the existing standard of breeding in collaboration with THE JACKSON GUARD DOG TRAINING COMPLEX AUSTRALIA & SOON KWAN DOG TRAINING CENTRE, SINGAPORE. He had alliance with the Swedish consumer giant company ELECTROLUX and had established a number of dog Squads in the Middle East, which includes the Royal families, Military and Police Establishments, Private Sector and leading industrial houses.

Mr. Suresh is a recognized figure and has participated as a judge/evaluator in most canine festivals which take place in India and abroad.