House Rules

1. Payment Concerns:

Paying before and after – All known fees, such as boarding, flea and tick protection, etc. must be paid in full upon arrival. All unknown or unanticipated fees, such as vet bills or extended stays must be paid in full upon departure. Any over-payments will be refunded in full upon departure or credited to your account for use at a  later date, which ever you  prefer.

We shall need your Credit Card number – We require you to show us a valid credit card when you bring in your pet for boarding,  regardless of the actual method of payment you chose. The card number will be recorded in our personal records and if you decide to use our services again in the future, we will always need to refer to our records to confirm that we still have valid information.

A day of Boarding – If your pet is not collected by the end of the boarding period; additional  boarding  charges  will  be applicable as per the rates and rooms available.

2. When the unthinkable happens:

Critterati reserves the right to remove your pet from our care under the following conditions:

If your pet is not collected by the end of the boarding period for which you have paid and Critterati have had no communication from you or is experiencing difficulty communicating reliably with you or cannot for whatever reason,we will collect payment for continued boarding either directly from you or from your credit card. After 3 days of continuously facing difficulty in communicating with you, Critterati will consider the dog abandoned and may place the dog in an appropriate home.

3. Spaying/Neutering:

If a female pet is due to come into heat during her stay with us, I must inform Critterati in writing in advance of her check-in-date. Failure to do so may result in an unwanted pregnancy for which Critterati will not take any responsibility. Depending on how busy the hotel is, Critterati may be unable to board her to prevent unnecessary stress on male boarding dogs.

4.  Any extension to the original booking dates made during my pet’s stay will be charged at the cost of the next available suite. If there is no space for my pet to stay at Critterati, then it is my responsibility to make alternative arrangements for my pet.

5.  If veterinary attention is required, the owner is liable for all expenses including the transport cost to the clinic. In case of a serious illness, when the owner cannot be contacted, the veterinary surgeon’s decision will be final.

6. Each pet receives a pre-entry evaluation prior to admittance. All guest pets must be in good health and must not have had or been exposed to any contagious or communicable illness within a 30 day period prior to check-in. Pets showing signs of vomiting, coughing, gagging, sneezing or diarrhea will not be admitted.

7.  No dogs will be accepted unless up-to-date vaccination certificates are produced upon arrival for each pet.

  • All dogs must be vaccinated for BROCATELLA, DAPP, and RABIES. Proof of vaccination is required prior to stay at Critterati.
  • I acknowledge that in addition to the diseases mentioned above, my dog may be exposed to other infectious diseases. However, in order for my dog to participate in day-care of boarding, I alone assume the responsibility of such exposure to all other infectious canine diseases.
  • We walk dogs twice a day during your dog’s stay at Critterati. Please be aware that there may be hazards such as traffic, people or other dogs that may pose threat during the walks. You as owners assume all risks involved during the walks and may not hold Critterati responsible for any loss or injury. If you would like us not to walk your dog, please let our staff know in advance.
  • Dogs staying at Critterati must possess a temperament that allows Critterati staff members to be able to care for them. Pets cannot pose a danger to staff members, other guests and other dogs.
  • Owner acknowledges that Critterati is not an animal hospital. Critterati, however, has a veterinary technician available to diagnose minor health related problems. If such a need arises, owner will be contacted to accept further action.
  • Owner recognizes that there is a risk of injury or illness in any environment associated with live animals.
  • Owner voluntarily accepts these risks and it is agreed that the owner shall remain liable and bear all expenses for any damages that the dog may cause to any other dogs, person or property. In case, at the time of walk, your dog bites any human being, you will be liable for all the expense.
  • Owner understands and acknowledges that Critterati has agreed to render services as described herein based upon owner’s representations that:
  1. Dog is in all respects healthy and clean and is current on all required and customary vaccinations, including, but not limited to, D.H.L.P.P (Distemper, Leprotosis and Parvo) Brocatelle and Rabies.
  2. Dog has not at anytime in the past harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any other person or any other animal.
  3. Dog does not suffer from any disability, illness or other condition which could have an adverse effect on the health of, or could jeopardize the safety of another dog.
  • Dog is free from fleas. Pets will be inspected upon check-in/arrival and if fleas are noticed on dog, a mandatory bath will be required at owner’s/guardian’s expense.
  • Dog may be isolated and kept apart from other dogs to maintain the health, reasonable care and comfort of all dogs within its facility, and adequately provide for safe keeping of such dogs in which it has custody.
  • Prior to Critterati providing day-care or boarding services, all dogs must pass an initial personality evaluation administered by Critterati or its appointed representative.
  • Controlled Travel: For each pet’s safety, Critterati provides customized identification collars upon arrival, therefore, all carries, leashes, collars and harnesses will be returned to the owner upon check-in.
  • Belongings: We cannot accept any personal belongings other than a disposable t-shirt for separation anxiety.
  • Visitations: At Critterati, our pet guests are also on vacation. Visitation during boarding is both confusing and interruptive for the pet, and therefore is highly discouraged.


Owner acknowledges and is aware that dogs may at times play and as a result may have conflicts and flights. While our staff will put effort to prevent such activity, any damage to dogs is held at owner’s responsibility and Critterati may not be held liable. The employees of Critterati are not accepted to diagnose or detect illnesses in the pets that are staying at Critterati doggie Daycare. In addition, owner acknowledges and is aware that vaccines do not protect against all communicable illnesses that may affect a pet. Owner acknowledges and agrees that they are assuming all risk of illness, disease, harm or otherwise to their pet by allowing their pet to stay at Critterati doggie daycare.


All pets need to be free of fleas & ticks. If fleas or ticks are observed on a guest, then owner will be contacted and can have the pet treated immediately at the grooming department or the owner will need to come and pick up the pet. This is to ensure the well-being of all our guests. If we are unable to reach the owner, the pet will be treated at the owner’s expense.


I, (Your Name) grant Critterati Hospitality and its staff full power of decisions concerning the care and well-being of our dog/s. If any medical emergency arise, it is agreed that Critterati or its selected agents can and will make needed decisions concerning medical treatment and choice of care given. My signature below authorizes the use of my credit card  for  said  purpose.