overnight boarding facility

Overnight Boarding Facility

There couldn’t be a more affectionate clientele than pets! That’s why for us at Critterati, gaining the trust of your beloved pet becomes even more rewarding…

critterati clinic

Pet Clinic

To limit disease transmission, disinfectants are used as a routine and dedicated food and water bowls provided for besides ensuring no diseases…

Pet Friendly café

Pet Friendly Cafe

Home to curled-up kitties and jumpy poochies, Friends N’ Fur is India’s first “pets first” café which serves the fur buddies before humans. A one of its kind café,…

day care facility

Day Care Facility

Wonder why your bundles-of- joy have become naughty, chewing off your sofas, tearing off curtains and digging their face in the shoe-rack. Most pets lounge around the house…


Critterati is a brainchild of Mr.Deepak Chawla and his wife Mrs. Jaanwi Chawla. When Jaanwi proposed the idea of opening a dog spa, Deepak did all the necessary research and came up with the idea of a posh dog hotel, a concept that was fresh and untouched in the Indian market. Being a dog lover, he had seen the culture of pet-keeping in western nations and found it unfair that in spite of the canine thriving in India, the conditions were pitiable. After a clear research on dog care, he came up with the concept of ‘Dog Hospitality’. To set an example, he dreamt of India’s foremost dog hotel that redefines the very culture of pet-keeping in the country. And here we are, with Critterati – a posh dog hotel, in the middle of Gurgaon, to take care of the smallest and largest of canines and felines.



Overnight Boarding

Welcome Stranger! When It’s About Canine & Feline, We Are Always Online.

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